Review by Matt Lucas, Comedian and Television Personality;

 'A brilliant book of wonderful rhymes for kids that will keep them laughing for hours!'

Review by Beverly D’Lima, 
Primary School Teacher

the latest ‘GREEN’ edition is fun and engaging, encouraging children to consider some of the environmental issues that we face today. The book’s ‘Let’s Discuss’ section is a resource which aids classroom discussions, promoting a greener way of life. An absolute gem of a book!"

The CUSTARD ON TOAST Series.......


Enjoy the WOW factor of these beautifully-illustrated quirky and funny poems which satisfy the love of humour by children.  Perfect as a gift/present. 

Review by Hetty Colchester;
Community Librarian. 

"This book is great, the illustrations are excellent and work well with the poems. I love the themes and the helpful discussion points at the end; a really good way to address the issues. Definitely suitable for libraries and children’s book clubs."
Review by Noah's Ark Children's Hospice. 

"Your uniquely brilliant children’s book of nonsense poems and other verses has been a joy to share with children at The Ark” 

Review by Dame Maureen Lipman, Actress/Writer;

"If you enjoyed ‘Custard on Toast’, then you will relish ‘Custard On Toast Goes Green’.

Judy Wolfson-Davies has found a way, without preaching, to make you laugh and think at the same time. It’s an Evergreen for kids." 

Review by Gemma Hirsch, Parent

"A glorious book of unique poems which engage listeners and readers of all ages....... A real must for parents wanting to introduce their children to the wonderful world of poetry and the world”.

Judy Wolfson-Davies


Judy qualified as a Youth Worker (Birmingham University) and worked for many years with children of all ages in schools and youth organisations. She has written musicals for children, for TV and scripted/produced shows at several theatres inc. The Pleasance Theatre, The Round House and others.

Judy was the director of XUK Children’s Holiday Activities (27 years) and of Poolside Manor Swim-School and Leisure Centre. She is a member of Equity and, in her 'spare time', was a Youth and Adult Magistrate!


My brother, me and Papa,
We love to wear odd socks
We make sure that they’re all mixed up
Inside the odd sock box!

Six socks we have for playing
For working and for best
Striped ones, patterned, red or blue
Each different from the rest

Saves time for Mum and Grandma
From finding matching pairs
We say "We’ve come from Planet Mars”
To anyone who stares

Cos clothes are just for wearing
Grow into them, then out
Coordinated colours
Who knows what that’s about?

Some mornings when I’m rushing
For my underwear I hunt
My pants will end up inside out
And sometimes back to front

We all get dressed the way we like
Mum says that we can choose
So why does she get frazzled
When we go out in odd shoes?

       THE SALAD

My Mummy cut a tomato in four
And so it was a tomato no more.
The lettuce she sliced, cucumber she diced,
The veggies looked like they’d all been to war!

Said Mummy, “Now you must eat up your greens".
I said “icky poo, don’t like salad or beans”.
She said “Kids on the street with nothing to eat
Go hungry for days; d’you know what that means?”

So I'll give my salad to the first kid I meet.
I will tell them my Mum said, “Salad’s a treat”.
It’s good for your belly, better than jelly,
Or chocolate, or ice-cream or anything sweet.

D’you think they’ll believe me? Somehow I think not.
I suppose I had better eat up what I’ve got.
The kid on the street, will miss out on his treat;
But Mum will be pleased if I eat up the lot.

Guess what? That was yummy, I promise you guys!
I ate it this time without any disguise.
So you try it now, will you? Its not going to kill you!
Remember you taste with your tongue not your eyes! 

Excerpt from AUNT HILDA and the CUSTARD KID

Hi! The CUSTARD KID, that’s me;
You’ll find me in this book.
Perhaps you'll find me in a tree;
I’m everywhere you look!

Lots of issues to discuss,
So tell me what you think
About the world, your friends and us,
And I’ll be tickled pink!

GREEN is for a better place,
Aunt Hilda’s dream, fantastic.
Without pollution, open space,
And rivers void of plastic.

GREEN is cool, it’s 'good to go',
Go GREEN and get ahead,
And better our environment,
Just like Aunt Hilda said"! 

Readers/Reviewers' comments

Amazing, fantastic and brilliant - will make you laugh your socks off!

Charlie; aged 10

A glorious collection of poems. Some are witty, some are educational. Some have a clear message. BUT all are fun, no matter what age you are.

JL; school teacher

Cannot wait to pass this lovely book on to the young recipient it was bought for; it certainly brought a smile to this 74yr old!!!

BB; grandparent

A fun book of poems with brilliantly quirky illustrations, to be enjoyed by adults and children alike. 

BM; book reviewer and author 

What a delight; fresh amusing and often thoughtful. Destined to be a best seller. Loved it!

CR; Nursery nurse

Such witty verses and fabulous illustrations make it a really great present for all ages...

I will now have to get my wife her own copy.

 RK; grandparent

Following the first in the series of ‘CUSTARD ON TOAST’ (“Hilarious poems and a fantastic addition to our school library”) the latest ‘GREEN’ edition is fun and engaging.......... 
An absolute gem of a book!"

B D’Lima; Primary School Teacher

".......The imagery certainly ignites the imagination! The subtle life-lessons are also a great way of educating children (and adults!). We read the whole book in one sitting!”

Gemma Hirsch, Parent

This is such a wonderfully wittily-written book of poems and the illustrations complement the poetry beautifully. I bought this book as a present, but I just might keep it for myself!

AN; Theatre director and producer

We’ve just read your book, cover to cover. We’re very impressed as it’s passed every test and must be the best! The illustrations are all superb! 

N & JB; grandparents

Your book is a sheer delight. How clever of you. I would like to order another one!  

MG; Translator

An enchanting, delightful, humorous and beautifully Illustrated Book of Verse.

BG; Company Director

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